About Sue Congram

These pages explain the influences that have inspired me in my work and life.

I describe my pioneering ambitions for fresh thinking in organisational leadership,

how my research has led to new ways for progressing female leaders. 


You may be interested in my workshops, events & publications.


I describe how my love of watercolour painting and
creative photography create balance in my life.


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Workshops and Events


You will find here, details of the Annual Greece Workshop

and other current events.




Speaking & Writing


I speak about my work to professional groups, write to publish

and facilitate learning for organisational practitioners,

all of which help me progress my thinking.


Topics are wide-ranging: 

leadership, leaderful women, underlying patterns of leadership, relational Gestalt, field dynamics & the imaginal field, creative coaching, supervision.


In this section I detail my written work, books and publications

There is also a FREE copy of
Gestalt: A Philosophy for Change
co-authored with Trevor Bentley PhD,

Originally published as a series of 6 articles for the Training Officer magazine.



Organisational work

For many years I have been curious about the deeper layers and dynamics of organisational life.

This part of my web site talks about my work, my research, an insatiable curiosity to discover more and create bridges between old paradigms and new, progressive thinking.




Art & Photography


Creativity is an important part of my work and life.

I enjoy expressive watercolour painting

and the creativity in photography, capturing odd and different perspectives of our

beautiful and delicate natural world. 

(some of which you will see throughout this website).