the Leaderful Women Project

During my research on leadership in organisations, it became crystal clear that feminine leadership practices were (by nature or nurture) very different from masculine practices. These feminine practices (adopted by both men or women) were effective — but regularly eclipsed.

I developed a range of 'qualities of practice' that many people identify as related to femininity or masculinity. Some called them 'head and heart' some 'left-brained and right-brained', some simply 'objective subjective'. What was fascinating was that people described a current position as imbalanced, with a desire for the future to operate in a more balanced way.

With Rosie Mayes and Mary Musselbrook we set up Engendering Balance Ltd to pass on this understanding, and reveal the benefits it has to many aspects of a modern organisation.

We have developed a range of powerful tools for organisations that I describe below.




The LW Project works alongside Engendering Balance Ltd to

  • promote post-heroic ideas of leadership,
  • to explain the crucial difference between self-confidence and self-belief
  • to offer alternatives to the out-dated leader-follower concept of leadership
  • to help those who wish to look deeply into new ways of understanding themselves and their leadership.