Speaking & Writing

I regularly speak about my new ideas for the development of leadership.

I have authored, edited and co-edited many books and articles (as Sue Congram and as Sue Clayton).
Below you will see a selection.



I love speaking about my passion for changing leadership. This includes Leaderful relationships, it includes the dynamic field of leadership, it includes self-awareness and self understanding as a leader, and especially it includes the contribution of women.

I speak to professional bodies, management groups, interest groups, students.

I have spoken to groups in Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, (sorry to anywhere I've missed). Oh yes, and in England, Scotland, and Wales.

I am happy to share my passions with management groups and interest groups. You can contact me at sue@EBcentre.co.



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Engendering Balance: A Fresh Approach to Leadership offers an imaginative and compelling perspective in which leaders who think and act differently achieve more. Grounded in research and drawing on a wealth of experience, this book has arisen from the pioneering work of Sue Congram, Rosie Mayes and Mary Musselbrook.





In Profiting from DiversityTrevor Bentley and I offer a refreshing and innovative approach to recognising and embracing diversity within your organisation. Diversity has for too long been confused with, and compromised by, arguments for equal opportunities; this book makes the case for diversity as distinct and separate. It tackles the subject head-on, demonstrating the link between diversity and the bottom line and helping you to develop systems, attitudes and policies that form the basis of a culture of diversity.



Simply People offers a treasury of insights and wisdom on the dynamics of people and their interactions with others. With an easy to read format and delightful graphics the author invites the reader to discover the art of co-creating quality contact and desirable outcomes with the people that they encounter in their life, love and work.
The book has been developed bringing together the diverse skills of a mother and daughter - my daughter Vicki Gray, created the photographics.




I am a co-editor of the Jungian based Education and Imagination, published by Routledge in June 2008. Our capacity to create new ideas and deep understanding can be greatly enhanced using our imagination, and this is central to my working method. I have contributed a chapter on Arts Informed Learning in Manager-Leader Development.




Coaching mentoring supervision.jpeg

This highly practical, comprehensive book reflects the increasing professionalization of coaching and mentoring, and the mounting expectation that coaches undergo regular supervision to ensure the quality and safety of their practice, and to encourage their continued professional development. The contributing authors include most of the world's foremost authorities in the subject, who present the latest thinking in this rapidly evolving field.

I contributed the chapter The use of a Gestalt approach in coaching supervision.





Developing Strategy is one of the McGraw-Hill series Sharpen Your Team's Skills. I use the interlinked concepts of directive and emergent strategy to lay foundations for a successful strategic vision. English editions are sold out although used copies may be available through Amazon.




As one of the Principal Members of the Association of Business Psychologists, I have contributed two chapters to Business Psychology in Practice.
Releasing Talent Through Coaching and (with Trevor Bentley) Values-based Consultancy.

Gestalt: A Philosophy for Change is a collection of six articles reprinted from "Training Officer" magazine between January-June 1996, some 49 pages. Trevor and I provide a thorough introduction to a Gestalt view of issues arising in organisations. Part 1 deals with unfinished business; part 2 with Interrupting process flow; part 3 with sharpening awareness; part 4 with business as unusual; part 5 with integrating extremes and part 6 with the paradox of change.

This excllent description of Gestalt is available as a FREE download (opens in a new window. [3.6MB]