Annual Workshop - Greece - 2018

12th - 17th June 2018

This workshop draws on BodyDreaming™, Mask Work, Active Imagination, Movement, Voice work and Art to explore the as yet ‘unlived life’ — towards becoming more of the person that you were born to be.


The event is led by myself and Marian Dunlea.

Marian is is a very highly qualified Jungian Analyst & Trauma Therapist, she is on the Core Faculty of the Marion Woodman Foundation. Director and Trainer of the BodySoul Leadership Training Programme in Europe. She is the creator of BodyDreaming™, an innovative approach to therapy that integrates somatic perspectives and Jungian analytical psychology.

The workshop is at Skites a quaint, boutique hotel in Northern Greece, on the Aegean Sea, ideally suited to this kind of exploration. We work under a canopy of trees, overlooking the sea, supported by the beauty of nature.




Relational Change Gathering
London - 2017

Thursday 30th November 2017  –   09:30-16:30


The Mask that Reveals the Unlived Life  will be led by Sue Congram.


In this one-day gathering Relational Change will explore how to reveal an unlived part of us through mask, movement, imagery and expressive art, and experiment with each medium as a taster of what is possible.

We often talk of a mask as something we ‘hide behind’. By contrast, in this work the mask creates a form and shape for internal and relational experiences that are otherwise formless, so usually slip away from our grasp. Through active imagination we can begin to see these threads of potential life, build a relationship with them and start to bring them to life.